Monday, April 22, 2013

If you want to be successful !!

There is hardly anyone in this world who does not want to be successful. You may be already successful but you may still want to explore new terrains or climb a new peak or just want to acquire some new skills.

I want to summarize my own experience and learning which may be of your help and can guide you 

I want to share that a individual need not be like a super human being to achieve his dreams..These suggestions may sound simple but have been proven to be powerful in my own experience.What is important is quality of perseverance i.e continuous working on same till you get there.Things which look difficult to practice today will become your habit tomorrow.When you will look back after couple of years ,you  may think  that It was not you who was facing those challenges.

Most important have fun while you try them out...journey has to be fun....not the destination :

1.   Successful People -Spend time out with them or watch them closely or read about them

You will eventually become like them...They will start influencing you,your thought process will change and so will your actions . Abundance of what you are looking for will start flowing from them to you..The more you look for the higher you have to chase,the more time it will take.You will start getting exposed to them directly or indirectly.You will not even realize when you become a different person than what you were ,when you started the journey. Once you start changing ,the change process will as well accelerate.This will result in getting new opportunities & new partnerships for you .If you are following or hanging out with successful people ,they may even ask for help.

2.  Change your attitude and world will change for you 

Attitude comes before knowledge and skill .This is as well most difficult to acquire. Positive Attitude alone will not help but will  help you to address other things which may be needed You can always Successful people usually have a positive attitude.You attract what you are.So if you are a positive person ,the chances are that you may attract more positive persons like you.They all will be helpful while you strive for success.Also positive attitude will help you to with your perseverance .Failures or Challenges are going to be part of any success story .Keep your focus on the big picture while you keep  learning from every day challenges . Every external journey starts with an internal journey...

3.  Goals alone may not suffice,have clear objectives -  

There is a saying that When you aim at nothing,you will certainly hit your target.Life is as well like that.Brain works best when it not only has a sense of direction but also knows if we are doing o.k.So goals & objectives help here.This has to be SMART (Specific,Measurable/Motivational ,Accountable/Actionable/Achievable,Relevant/Realistic/Responsible, Touchable/Timelines).Go through your goals twice every day  once before going to bed & second first thing in the morning.This will make sure that your conscious and unconscious mind works day & night to achieve those goals.

4.  Plan everything to details

Everything is created thrice. Once in your head ,then on a paper (or now with digital world we can say word/excel )and a third time in the world .Imagination is good but detailing is the next step. Plan your day and you can plan your life .Use tools available to you like things to do, calendar to prioritize next days/week/month tasks. This also helps you to get a sense of accomplishment as you can see your progress as well prioritize in front of you.

Success or failure have no meaning...they are 2 sides of the same coin..and each one of us defines this in our own unique way .We are unsuccessful because we are not trying for success.You are acting from your unconscious and conscious mind...Plant the seed of success & see how it grows into a tree with fruits & flowers on it.Plant it,Give it environment & condition to grow,Water it ,have patience and see it growing. Start making changes today ,there is never late for same We all can have gift of success.

Most of us know the beauty of these 4 ideas but issue is with implementing them...Let me know how was your experience while you start implementing them or if had implemented in past.Share some of your challenges as faced by you.Life is a journey towards perfection.You have the power to be...what you want to be...

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